How To Use Facebook Lives: The Complete Guide

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Trying to find new ways to bring free organic traffic to your blog, store, landing page or website?

Can’t seem to be like other bloggers or successful people online and drive thousands of people from social media to your site?

Not really sure if this online business thing is for you?

Well, you came to the right blog post, my friend.

I use to struggle with this same issue…driving free traffic to my blogs (I have 2 blogs, by the way…this one, and MyZenPlace).

Before I jump into what Facebook Live is and how you can use it to drive free, organic traffic to your website, product, or service, I am going to touch upon a few quick statistics about live video streaming.

According to Caroline Gollum from

  • 81% of internet and mobile audiences watched more live video in 2016 than in 2015.
  • Video on social media generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.
  • 67% of live video viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a concert or event after watching a live video of that event or a similar one.
  • 45% of live video audiences would pay for live, exclusive, on-demand video from a favorite team, speaker, or performer.

As you can see from these stats, people love live stream video.

From live streaming your favorite sports teams to watching your favorite band, live streaming gives you the ability to be right in the middle of the action without being there physically.

You can be in the comfort of your own home and not miss a thing!

That is the beauty of live streaming.

Why Should You Use Facebook Live?

facebook live

Well, first off, when you get on video, you are telling everyone who is scrolling through their news feed to STOP 🛑 and look at you!

This is your time to shine and to present to them your product or service you have to offer.

You can also teach people through your live streams.

Spread some of that knowledge that you have to other people to help better their lives or help change their current situation by solving a problem.

This helps you to become a leader in the eyes of your audience.

What Is Facebook Live?

facebook live

Facebook Live launched in April 2016, it allows anyone with a mobile device and Wifi or cellular data to broadcast a live video stream to their Facebook news feed.

With a simple tap of the ‘Live’ icon on your phone or laptop, you can be live streaming anywhere and at anytime!

Since its launch, Facebook Live has grown in popularity exponentially especially among online marketers.

Live video streaming is the best way to get multiple eyeballs looking at your product or service fast and did I mention it’s FREE to use? 

This free tool can help drive UNLIMITED amounts of traffic to your site, affiliate products…pretty much anywhere you choose!

You don’t even need a marketing budget!

It’s unheard of!

Let’s get into how to use this amazing, free tool.

How To Use Facebook Live?

There are multiple ways to use Facebook Live.

You could live stream a concert, a special event or you jamming out to your favorite song.

Facebook Live allow you to catch that special moment in time that you would like to share with your friends, followers or even total strangers. 👍🏾

One of the best ways to use Facebook Live is to grow and scale your business.

You can do this a few different ways:

  1. Brand Exposure. Live streaming on Facebook allows you to share who you are and your product to your audience. You also have the option to share your Facebook Live to people in Facebook groups. This is another way to expose people to your brand.
  2. Attract New People To You. Facebook automatically shares your video to your audience. People are notified when you go live so make it worthwhile!
  3. Engage With Your Audience. There is a chat in each live stream that you do. This gives you the ability to answer any questions your audience may have and just be able to interact with them.

How Facebook Live Brings Out Your Fun Side

You can launch a normal Facebook Live about anything and everything you want or you can get a little fancy with it.

You can add filters and text and it will show throughout the whole live stream.


Another pretty cool thing about Facebook Lives is that you can do more than just talk.


You can ‘Lip Sync Live’ or even create a drawing and have your audience guess what you made.


You can also ‘Bring a Freind’ to join you in your live stream or wear a ‘Mystery Mask’ like I did in this one below.👇🏾


Facebook tries to make live streaming as fun and interactive as possible.

So have fun with it!

Accessing Facebook Live On Your Phone

The first thing you need to do is go to your ‘Facebook’ mobile app.

If you do not have it on your phone please go to the ‘App Store’.

The icon looks like this!


Once you are in the ‘App Store’, click on the search icon at the bottom right-hand corner.


Once you are inside the search bar, click on the search and type in ‘Facebook’ and hit ‘Enter’.

Or if you see it trending click on it.


Once you see the ‘Facebook App’ click on ‘Install’ and then ‘Open’ it.


Now that you have ‘Facebook’ on your mobile device, click on it.


Once you click and open your mobile app, you can either launch ‘Facebook Live’ from your news feed…


Or you can go to your ‘Profile’ and create a new post and launch it that way.


That’s it!

Now you can start a live video stream and post it to your Facebook news feed!

Make sure you add an eye-catching description and title and click ‘Finish’ when you are done recording your video.


Accessing Facebook Live On Your Laptop/ Desktop

First thing, open up ‘Google’ or any search engine that you use and type in ‘’ and click ‘Enter’. 


Once you are on your ‘Facebook news feed’, you can launch your Facebook Live from there.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 10.21.55 PM

You could also go to your profile and launch it from there too.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 10.25.05 PM

Once you launch your live stream, make sure you add a ‘description’ and a ‘title stating what your Facebook Live is about.


After that just launch your live stream and have fun!

You will know that you are ‘Live’ once Facebook counts you down (Yes literally ‘3’, ‘2’, ‘1’) and you will see a small ‘Live’ icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen.

It looks like the image below.👇🏾


Once you finish your Facebook Live, make sure you click on the ‘Finish’ button.

This will save your Facebook Live video.

You also have the option to save it to your desktop or if you are taking it on your phone, to save it to your media files on your phone.

You will then get the option to post it to your profile and news feed or you can post it to your ‘Story’.

I usually post mine to my Facebook profile and news feed.

I also share it to some of the Facebook groups I am in.

Facebook Live Tips To Killing It On Your Next Live Stream

There are 7 main tips you should keep in mind before you launch your next live video stream:

  1. Tell your audience ahead of time when you will be going live.
  2. Make sure your connection to Wifi or the Internet, in general, is strong.
  3. Write a description explaining what your Facebook Live is all about.
  4. Ask your audience to follow you so that they get notified every time you go live.
  5. Mention each person who joins or comments during your Facebook Live. Giving them a shoutout makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside…trust me.☺️
  6. Try to live stream for at least 10 minutes so you can reach even more people.
  7. Remember to have fun with it and get CREATIVE.🎬

I hope you enjoyed this short guide on how to use Facebook Live.

It’s not as hard as you thought.

Instead, it’s pretty easy to do.

The only hard part is getting yourself in front of the camera.📹

3 Steps To Getting In Front of The Camera

facebook live

When I first started my online business, I dreaded getting in front of the camera.

I always heard that when you are on camera, it looks like you gained 10lbs.

I also had the fear of what people may think or say in the comments.

This was holding me back from sharing some awesome knowledge with my audience.

Because of this silly fear, I thought being anonymous was the key to making money online.

Just provide the information(through spamming my affiliate link everywhere…smh🤦🏾‍♀️) and get paid.

Boy… was I wrong!

By not sharing who I was with people online, I ultimately gave them an identity for me and that was a spammer.

This had to be changed!

You may be feeling the same way thinking, “why do I need to get in front of the camera…Isn’t there another way?”

“I am scared of what people may think of me or what they may say…”

I am going to share with you 3 quick, simple, yet effective tips to get you over your fears and get you in front of the camera!📹

1. It’s NOT About You!🙅🏾‍♀️

Shift your focus to your audience.

One of the main goals of marketing online is to provide valuable content to help serve your target audience in some way.

They have a problem and your product is the solution to that problem.

Isn’t that why you started your business in the first place right?

Once you let go of how YOU feel about being on camera, you will be able to better serve the people who are looking to you for advice and help.

It’s ALL about them and not about you!

2. Use Notes!📝

No one said you couldn’t use notes when doing a live stream video.

If you have to look down from time to time at notes to make sure you stay on topic and you don’t miss anything, then do it!

I use notes in my Facebook Lives.

If you do decide to use notes, try to make sure you are not reading them like a script.

No one wants to watch someone reading…how boring would that be. 😑

3. Letting Go of the Fear

Realize that holding on to the story that made you fearful of being on camera in the first place can really hurt you and kill your chances of success!

You are holding yourself back from achieving the goals and dreams that you have for your life.

If your fear is what people may say…well you may get some ‘haters’, but that is all that they are…HATERS!

All they can do is talk and Facebook is so awesome that they have the PERFECT feature in place to deal with negative people like that…


I love that feature and have used it in the past myself.

From stalkers to people who just gave me negative vibes, I would block them and never hear from them again.

The beauty of Facebook Live…well Facebook, in general, is that you can manage and monitor the comments left on YOUR posts!

They can’t touch you or take away your mojo when Facebook gives you awesome features/tools like this!

Once you kick your silly fears to the curb, then and only then can you achieve what you really want in life!

Making Facebook Lives can really propel your business or brand exposure to the next level.

Here is a quick Facebook Live I did that talks about ‘Why You Should Be Doing Facebook Lives’ below. 👇🏾

To Wrap It Up…

Facebook Live is a very powerful and FREE tool you can use to bring in many new leads into your business.

Once you get your topic of choice and have 3-4 bullet points to speak on, you are good to go.

Facebook Live is also one of the best ways to connect with your audience and build that rapport with them.

People love working with people they feel that they Know, Like and Trust.

So along with teaching your audience, also share a little bit of your life with them.

Share with them some of the dreams and goals that you have.

What you are achieving and what you might be struggling with.

You never know…you may share a common goal or struggle with someone who watches your Facebook Lives and you can help each other achieve those goals.

Try not to let the fear of being in front of a camera or what other people may think, stop you from achieving the dreams you have in life.

That includes growing your business.

Check out my very first Facebook Live that I did on ‘Why It’s Okay To Make Mistakes’ below.👇🏾

Let me know what you think in the comments below!👇🏾

To starting your first Facebook Live,


Morgan Green

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